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Thank you for considering helping a child from the Big Country or Texoma by giving them a home. We are dedicated to helping children return to their family when possible.We need famlies who will help children for days, weeks or even years - and sometimes through adoption. In every child's case we look first to try and help a child live with family or close kin. That is not always immediately possible or sometimes never possible. We need families who can do whatever the child needs.

Do you feel like you and your family can help? From foster homes, baby sitters respite care to adoptions we need your help right wehre you live. Just click on "Find and Agency in my Area" and we would love to help you get things started. You can also fill out a contact request and an agency in your area will contact you.

We are always happy to provide more information on becoming a licensed foster parent. Generally speaking, potential candidates are committed to kids and willing to work as part of a team, patient, consistent and set good boundaries. For more information on admission qualifications or what qualifying candidates can expect to receive, please visit our “Find an Agency” link or Fill out a contact request form.


We are in need of families willing to open their homes and hearts to provide the care, support and encouragement kids need while allowing them to remain in their home community. These are "OUR" Big Country & Texoma Kids and having an opportunity to remain in the Big Country & Texoma while they are in foster care will lead to better outcomes for them and their families. By providing care for them as a licensed foster home, you will help reduce the likelihood of further trauma caused when these children have to leave not only their homes, but also their brothers and sisters, extended family, friends, teachers - their community!  Foster parents along with their treatment team work together to help the child feel comfortable in a home environment while receiving other supportive and clinical services.



A word from David McQueen Pastor at Beltway in Abilene Texas


A word from James Frank Texas State Representive


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