Children in Texas foster care are waiting. Are you willing to help?

Are you:

  • committed to children and youth?
  • willing to work as part of a team?
  • patient?
  • consistent?
  • able to set good boundaries?

Children from our Big Country & Texoma communities benefit from remaining in their home community while they are in foster care. Children experience less trauma when they can maintain contact with their brothers and sisters, extended family, friends, teachers and
stay in their r community!

Can you open your home and heart to provide care, support and encouragement to a child? If so, you will work with the child’s treatment team to help the child feel comfortable in your home and to receive the supportive and clinical services they need.

Thank you for helping a child from Big Country or Texoma by giving them a home. We are committed to see children return to their family when possible. We need families who will care for children for a period of weeks or months while they wait to reunify with their family. When reunification is not possible and children can't live with their family,  we need families who will do whatever it takes to provide children with bright futures including adoption.